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I currently coach the U18 team , but I have previously coached all National league from U14 – U18’s and the Div 3 Men last year.

I started playing at 13 Years old after I watched the 1987 NBA finals on TV – Lakers vs Celtics its what made me fall in love with the game.

Grew up playing in South London at the Crystal Palace club. As a junior I got to see a lot of big teams come to play at the venue including North Carolina and many European powerhouses.  I really wanted to play in the US so I managed to go over to Basketball camp and got over to a school

in the US I played in college for 4 years and returned to play in the BBL for the London Towers.

During my pro career I played for London Towers, Thames Valley Tigers, Manchester Giants and Guildford Heat. I played for the GB World student games team and England National team (13 Caps).  I started originally helping out with the Cobras back in about 2011 before returning to coach in 2018 until now.

I have learnt a lot from coaching about life. When I started I thought I was there to provide the answers but quickly found out that its more important to go on a journey with your players where you figure out solutions to problems together and share you experiences.



I first started playing basketball at secondary school when I was 13. I had moved from the Midlands to Bracknell and found myself at a very big school, which was quite rough , I had no friends and I was bullied for my accent. I used to go to the sports hall every break and lunch time and just play basketball, one of the PE staff was my form tutor and also played basketball so always encouraged me. There was a pro team in Bracknell at that time, The Bracknell Tigers, so I started to go and watch them with my brother. 

I played for the school and County team and then played at university. I first got into coaching when my youngest child, Ben was about 3, so 17 years ago. I was working for a professional basketball team as Director of Development and my 2 eldest children wanted to play so I started coaching the U10s.

I then set up the Bracknell Cobras in 2010. My goal was to provide somewhere that felt safe and welcoming for anyone , from any background or any ability to try basketball. 

I now coach the U8's and walking basketball as well as after school clubs and promotional sessions.



I started playing Basketball when I was 11 at an after school club, I then played NL basketball from U14 until U18. I played in what is now ASPIRE and the South England team in the regional tournament in 2014. I also played two years of academy basketball at Henley College.

I did my first bit of coaching at 15 years old volunteering for U10 on a Saturday morning. I started coaching for Cobras in 2020 and now coach for them full-time.

I'm a big movies guy, love going to the cinema my favourite basketball movie is Coach Carter.



I started playing basketball when I was 15 in Spain for CB Sant Josep Obrer and later on moved onto CB Bahia San Agustín. Due to injuries a missed my first year of U18s and next season I decided to play in the men’s local league with my friends.

In England I had the privilege to be part of the Bracknell Cobras 21-22 play off winning Div 1 Wessex team. In the 22-23 season I coached the U18 Boys NL Conference team.

So far I have achieved Level 2 Referee and Level 2 Coaching.

Obviously basketball is one of my passions but on my free time I recently started doing CrossFit which I really enjoy too. I also love refereeing and this year I’m hoping to get into the Level 3 Course. 

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I started playing basketball after picking it up at an Easter sports camp, I enjoyed it there and my Dad agreed to take me to try it out. I started at Woking Blackhawks where I played U14 NL when I was 9/10 years old. From there, I got invited to go to a Surrey County trial for U13's, I got into that team and played in the County tournament, then I got invited to go to the South East RPC (equivalent to Aspire). I tried out for the U13 SE regional team and got selected. The team went to Lilleshall and played in the regional tournament where we came 3rd. From there I got an email from England Basketball (EB) that I was invited to the England U15 national team long squad. I went through a year of trials and camps, taking many of my weekends up (usually in Sheffield or Manchester) and I made the final 12 as a 13 year old. I went to the Copenhagen Invitational where I sat on the bench for the majority of the games (I was a year young), but I learned a lot and when I had the opportunity to play, I made the most of it. The next year, I played for the U15 SE team in the regional tournament, I got selected for the U16 England team. I played in a pre-tournament game series against Ireland, but from there I was cut to the U15 team. I got selected into the final squad, I was named captain and played in the Copenhagen Invitational once again. The next year was very similar, I played for SE U15s, got selected for the U16 England squad, I made the final cut and went to the European Championship div A in Porto, Portugal. During the trials, I had to make tough choices. I made the decision to move clubs mid-season, there were many things that led to me moving to Sevenoaks and it is one of the best basketball choices I have made to date. I was playing U16 and U18 NL, sitting on the bench for WBBL and completing GCSEs. I had to make the choice of going to camp or going to prom (I chose camp). The Europeans were tough, we lost every game but it was still a valuable experience. Then I got into the U18 England team the year after, got cut down to the U17s, played in a tri-nation tournament. The year after that I played for GB U18s womens, under Vanessa Ellis in Dublin, Ireland while struggling with knee injuries. It was some of the best basketball I have played in my life, we came 4th, and as soon as I came home I was off to America for university. I spent hours emailing college after college and one finally gave me a chance. Northeast Community College, a div 1 JuCo (Junior Colloege). I was there for two years, we won the region.  We almost made it to March Madness for JuCo in my freshman year and sophomore year I was a captain. I met my fiance there as well! I then transferred to a D2 school, University of Sioux Falls, looking back at it now, I do not regret my choice. Unfortunately, I was not in a good place mentally, add a stream of injuries from hamstring strains to stitches in my lip and a partially torn thumb ligament and basketball became a job rather than a game. I did not play how I could play and did not get the opportunity to play because I had not earned it I made many mistakes on court.

COVID hit March Madness was cancelled and I never wanted to play basketball again, so I went home and did not go back. I started coaching for Cobras that summer, and over time I fell back in love with basketball which has led to me currently playing WNBL for Reading Rockets where I have been for a season and a half and I am happy to play basketball again. 



Andy is currently working with our under 16’s women’s team.

He has been an active coach in the Bracknell area for over 30 years. During this period, he has coached predominantly at National league level in all junior age groups as well as men’s and women’s National league.

He was the original Head Coach of Bracknell Cobras, helping Ruth get the club of the ground in 2010.  However, overseas work commitments saw him step down for a number of years but returned to the club 2022.

Outside of Cobras he works for the London Fire Brigade heading up their Training Design Function.  When not working or coaching you’ll find him on the golf course or supporting his wife’s equestrian interests.



I coach Bracknell Cobras D3 Mens team/U16 and also Head of Basketball for Slough Cobras.

I am a product of Greenhouse Sports. I started playing basketball at Bacons College when I was 10, right at the beginning of Greenhouse Basketball. Learning the game while also understanding life through the coaching I had around me has really helped me throughout my life until even today. Having seen the impact it’s had on me in my life it is unquestionably the sole reason that I would want to find a way to give back.

After leaving Bacons College where I’ve learned how to play under Predrag Krneta, I went on to experience various levels of basketball around London. Exhibitions and trials abroad in countries such as France, Belgium and Germany. While learning how to play, I applied myself to learn how to referee and table official from U12’s to Division one men’s game. After leaving college where I played under former GB great Joel Moore. I went on to be a successful manager at two major supermarkets to help my team building and managing skills improve. This experience allowed me to use the teamwork skills I learned for basketball in the real world while in a working environment. Another valuable skill this experience improved was my problem/situation solving skills, having been in a fast paced work environment it makes handling sports situations a lot simpler.

I left management to pursue a coaching career, I had already begun coaching in my youth for various smalls clubs such as Greenwich Titans and Corelli College. I took over Goldsmiths University Women’s team to improve their girls team as they had a continuous losing record to a new program. The main goal was to improve engagement and the development of the players who would join. The skills I had learned during management really helped me understand how to get the most out of my team. Having only managed a season before COVID, the girls went from a losing 1-9 record to second place finish with a record of 7-3. The season with the women’s university team gave me the experience of working with a range of different abilities and skillsets and gave me a better understanding of how to make effective coaching sessions as well as game plans.

While also being apart of various other Coaching at different ACS International schools in Cobham and Egham also most recently head of mens basketball at Goldsmiths University running a successful

program with the team being promoted in (21-22 season) going 10-0 in our conference. My hobbies outside of basketball, is to travel and explore new places in the world.  I can not wait to start work with the Cobras family!



I started playing basketball at about 10 years old and played for the Bracknell Cobras and the Cobras helped me to then get selected and play for the south east of England, i then played for the first girl’s National League in Cobras and am still involved with the club 9 years after. After deciding to pursue my love horses, I stopped playing basketball and started helping out coaching, tabling officiating and reffing. The Bracknell Cobras then helped me get all my level 2 coaching qualification as well as reffing and tabling.



I grew up watching my dad (coach Richard) play at Camberley. That is what got me into basketball. I went on to play for Guildford Heat U16 and U18 National League teams under some great coaches that inspired me to one day undertake a coaching role. A stand out moment would be the friends I made playing at Guildford and going on to win the players players award. I’m really looking forward being part of the Cobras team.



Richard is an experienced coach and has coached junior, senior, men's and women's teams at local and national level. He represented Leicestershire whilst at University and played in the National League for Camberley Eagles.  He has also coached his daughter Alex who has represented Reading Rockets and his son Joe whilst coach for Guildford Heat U16 and U18s. Joe is now one of our qualified Cobras coaches, as is Richard’s son-in-law, Andy Blakeway who has also played at national level including Brixton Topcats.

It’s a family affair!

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